Carolyn’s Quick and Dirty Core Strength for Chicks

basic plank demonstration

Basic Plank

Core strength is critical to all sports, climbing and skiing included.

We so often seem to run out of time. Or we fall into the pattern of doing the same old thing because we don’t have time to think of new stuff.

Whether you are a beginner or a crusher, my quick and dirty core routine has basic, intermediate and advanced versions.

The routine builds off of 4 movements: leg lowers, windshield wipers, sit-ups and plank. Together, these four movements target prone and supine stabilization as well as flexion and rotation:

Basic Core Strength:

Start with 5­­–10 repetitions of leg lowers, then 5-10 repetitions of windshield wipers, then 5–10 repetitions of sit-ups, then 30 secs of plank.

Rest 60 seconds and then do another set.

Do 3–5 sets depending on how fit you are and how much time you have.

Work up to 5 rounds of 10 reps of each exercise and 60 sec plank.

Intermediate Core Strength:

Start with 5­­–10 anchored leg lowers, then 5­­–10 weighted windshield wipers, then 5­­–10 weighted sit ups, then finish with 30 sec front leaning rest (FLR).

Rest 60 seconds and then do another set.

Work up to 5 rounds of 10 reps each and 60 sec of FLR.


Front Leaning Rest

Front Leaning Rest

Advanced Core Strength:

Start with 5­­–10 elevated/weighted leg lowers, then 5­­–10 hanging windshield wipers, then 5­­–10 knees to elbows, then finish with FLR plus one push up every 10 secs for a total of 6 push ups in the minute (can drop to the knees for the push ups if necessary).

Rest 60 seconds and then do another set.

Have fun with these core workouts. Unless you are familiar with these movements and 100% sure you can do them properly, I suggest everyone begin with basic then move to intermediate if you aren’t terribly sore the next day and stick with intermediate for a few weeks or months before moving on the advanced.

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