“Caption that Photo!” No. 2

Photo No. 2

To enter to win a win a Marmot Zelus 25 pack you must leave a “caption” in the comment box at the bottom of this post. You can leave as many captions as you’d like but please, keep it classy! Make sure you sign-in to the comment box by leaving your e-mail address so we have a way to contact you in the event you are selected as a winner. Check out the complete contest details here.

Have you captioned photo No. 1 or photo No. 3 yet?

Thanks for playing along!

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  1. Jeff A
    Jeff A says:

    Not straight?…Oh I’m straight…just TAKE the picture before I throw you and your freeze proof camera off of this mountain!

  2. Eric Nelson
    Eric Nelson says:

    You’re a mountain goat….no…now you’re a yeti in the Himalayas…now you’re mixed route climbing…work it ladies!!!!

  3. Steven
    Steven says:

    “The view’s nice but it’s better to be looking up than down.”
    “Keep going or we’ll be late for the holiday party.”

  4. Sleeth_ok
    Sleeth_ok says:

    Girl with white helmet and genuine smile: ” this is amazing!”
    Girl with blue jacket with what looks to be a forced smile : “FML I knew I shouldn’t of worn a backpack”

  5. Michael
    Michael says:

    Being the fastest climber, Steve was assigned to wear the “Butt-Cam” Little did he know that his trusty climbing pants had split their seam…


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