Blast from the Past: Alum Interview with Tracey Wierman

Tracey Weirman sends the purple cliffs of Devil's Lake

We recently caught up with Devil’s Lake alum Tracey Wierman, who was kind enough to grant Chicks a quick interview.

Years climbing: 3 ½

If you aren’t climbing, you’re: Running and hiking

If you could choose any climbing partner, it would be: #1-Kitty Calhoun, #2-my sis, Terri Barry,  #3-my best bud, Lisa Cruz

Favorite climbing snack: Cliff Bars and cookies

The piece of gear I can’t live without is: My helmet. I feel naked without it.

Girly Guide at Devil’s Lake: Kitty Calhoun and Dawn Glanc

Best advice for Devil’s Lake (DL) climbers: Be prepared for slippery rock. It may be Wisconsin but don’t let that fool you. This place will challenge you. I LOVE DL!

Why you attended DL clinic: To learn from some amazing women with so much experience and talent. And meet other women that love climbing. The clinic was truly a great experience. So good I attended twice!

New technique learned at DL: To not have “mental problems” as Kitty explained them in her southern drawl. I learned that my anxiety doesn’t have to rule me or my climbing. To focus my breathing and slow down, rest, and “just break it down”. (again said in a southern accent)

Part of the clinic that surprised you: That it went so much deeper than learning new climbing techniques. I learned so much about myself and it was great to hang with some really cool powerful women.

Most helpful item in your Chicks goodie bag: The really cool PINK Black Diamond headlamp.