Black Diamond Z Poles Changed my World

Jay Smith crossing a steam in Indian using Black Diamond Z poles for balance

Kitty’s husband, Jay, using Kitty’s Black Diamond Z poles to cross a stream in India” ©Kitty Calhoun.

Back in the day,

as a young, pure minimalist climber, I scoffed at mountaineers using trekking poles.

“Why buy poles, much less carry them into the mountains, if I have strong legs?” I thought.

Then, during one particularly shameful trip to the mountains, my attitude towards poles changed quickly.

It all started on the approach

when a swollen stream barred our way to base camp. Rapidly melting snow almost completely submerged all the boulders with raging water. In high alpine terrain above tree-line, there were no tree branches to make into makeshift poles.  Sheepishly, I accepted my partner’s pole when she handed it back to me after crossing.

Later, high on the mountain while breaking trail through unconsolidated snow, I swallowed my pride again and used her pole to push up through each collapsing step.

But, the way down was what tipped me. Loaded with a full pack, my partner used her pole for support and balance to make light work of the tedious, quad-burning descent.

This made me so jealous, I got my own: Black Diamond Z Trekking poles.

Now I take my Z poles with me all the time. I take them on backcountry ice climbs, mountaineering trips, rock climbs with long approaches, long hikes and mountain runs.

My favorite Black Diamond Z poles are the Distance Z Trekking/Running Poles. I love these poles because they break down to fit in my duffle bag. They are light, durable and easily adjustable. They are also the most affordable of the Black Diamond Z poles. Even better, they’ve been upgraded with Slide Lock technology. Slide Lock Technology makes them easy to adjust and increases the strength of the joint support by 30%.

Now I smile at the young minimalists on the trail without poles. And, I wonder what they’ll experience before I see them back on the trail equipped with a new pair of Black Diamond trekking poles.

And, now, although I can’t support my local retail shop, I can still support Black Diamond.  Right now, they are offering free shipping on any order over $50.

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