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On Belay?? The GriGri Mistake

By Monica Esposito I loaded my Grigri backwards and felt like a complete fool.  Now, I can recognize this mistake as a win because the only consequence of my mistake was the realization of my own stupidity. In climbing, an act of stupidity could actually kill someone. I went to Rifle Mountain State Park this […]

Chicks Alumna Interview: Dawn Rathburn

We recently had the chance to catch up with a Chicks alumna who many of you have met over the many years she has been involved with Chicks, Dawn Rathburn. Which Chicks clinics have you taken?  My first was the Betty Ice Ball years ago.  The weekend was amazing.  I took the Complete Ice clinic, which […]

Asolo Scholarship Sets Stage for Strong Female Climbers

Written by: Kristen Kelliher Thanks to Asolo’s generous support, two weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend a Chicks With Picks 3-day ice climbing clinic in Ouray, Colorado. Going into it, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had just been given the all clear by my orthopedist after having knee surgery in August […]

Chicks Alumna Interview: Piper Musmanno

We recently had the chance to catch up with an Alumna who many of you have met over the many years she has been involved with Chicks, Piper Musmanno. What was your first clinic with Chicks? My first year with Chicks was the 2008/2009 ice season in Ouray. First event was the Inaugural (I believe) “Betty […]

Chicks Alumna Interview: Amy Jurries

We love catching up with Chicks Alumna and getting inspired by their adventures – we hope you do too.  Recently we caught up with Amy Jurries. When was your first Chicks clinic? My first Chicks was January 2008. I came to the Complete as a total beginner. Why Chicks? I wanted to learn how to […]

Sugar, Digestion, Liver – Build a Nutrition Foundation

Contributed by: Shannon Lee Do you still struggle with allergies, constipation, hormonal hell, shedding the muffin top, daily fatigue, depression, and/or wake up like clock work every night? As I rolled into my 30’s and now my 40’s, I have learned three things that are imperative for the health of my body and the health […]

More than climbing? Chicks alumna takes on Ironman

Persistence, determination, dedication, drive, commitment, adventurous….it takes a unique person to be a climber, right?  It’s no secret that we’re more than climbers, and these characteristics blend into our professions, personal lives, and other activities.   Chicks co-owner and guide, Dawn Glanc, catches up with one of Chicks most popular alumna, Anne Hughes to learn […]

Why Rifle: Top 7 Reasons to Climb Rifle Canyon

Why Rifle? Written by: Sheldon Kerr Having not been in a mass casualty accident, a war zone, or a Justin Timberlake concert, I was not accustomed to hearing the shrieks, cries, screams and growls that echo throughout Rifle Canyon. The venue is so very steep and the climbers are working so very hard that they […]

Why Climb Keene Valley?

By Emilie Drinkwater Chicks Rock Keene Valley is one of my favorite events of the year….but sometimes I can’t pinpoint why. Maybe it’s because of the camaraderie. Maybe it’s because of the climbing. Maybe it’s because, last year, I laughed so hard my stomach was sore for days. But really what I love most is […]