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The Power of Chicks

  Why is female empowerment still a thing? How are we not yet past the necessity to highlight this concept? Is it because last week our nation swore in the first ever Madam Vice President? Is it because last week I attended a guides meeting where I was the only woman? Is it because female […]

Navigating Impermanence

As 2020 closes, a year filled with a different reality for us all (and an abundance of craziness), it leaves us reflecting on how our existence and interaction with the world has transformed. As any ice climber could attest to, these drastically changing, inconsistent times are analogous to ice climbing. Walking into the east fork […]

Cramponing Technique

Cramponing technique starts with fundamental ice climbing footwork and is based on two key movements:  Shin Engagement Precision  Shin Engagement You can practice shin engagement for cramponing technique while standing on the ground or floor of your home in regular shoes or socks … or at the base of an ice flow!  Simply raise your […]