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Kim Reynolds | Interview – Chicks Founder Kim Reynolds

The Amazing Chicks Founder, Kim Reynolds is at Root of Chicks Legacy The temperatures are falling, the mountains got their first snowfall and water running over rock freezes at night. At Chicks’s world headquarters in Ouray, Colorado we’re excitedly looking forward to our new ski programs. At the same time, we look back at the […]

Single Pitch Trad Climbing

…Simply Beautiful in its Complexity The beauty of climbing is that you can experience it in so many forms – sport climbing, trad climbing, multi-pitch climbing, and big wall climbing.  You can climb on slabs, technical face, as well as overhanging rock.  And don’t forget the nuances of climbing a particular form of rock such […]

Confessions of a secret Sport Climbing Addict

I have a confession to make…I may be addicted to sport climbing. First of all, what exactly is sport climbing? Sport climbing is a discipline of rock climbing and means that a climb is protected with permanently installed bolts that a climber clips a quickdraw and the rope into for fall protection as she climbs up a […]

Slingfin Tents

There are so many tents on the market, how do you choose?  When I was first introduced to the climbers who work at Slingfin Tents, I knew nothing about them, but was open to testing them at our Chicks Indian Creek clinic in April. My first impression was the workmanship in these tents.  We had […]

Alpine Climbing Summer Escape

“Mom, wake up!”, I hear my 12 year old son urgently whisper in my ear.  We are at high camp on the north side of Mt Baker and I had over-slept.  I turned on my headlamp and lit up the stove to make a cup of coffee, pulled a jacket out of my stuff sack […]

Choosing The Perfect Climbing Shoe

First, let’s talk features because that affects the fit of the shoe so much.  Shoes can be divided up into three categories: Specialized Performance Shoes: These shoes tend to be more for extreme sport climbing. Performance Shoes: These tend to be for sport climbing as well as technical face climbing. All-Day Performance Shoes: These are for […]

Which Ice Climbing Clinic Is Best For You?

If you have the following questions regarding our ice climbing clinics, you are not alone. What if I don’t have any gear, or experience in ice climbing? How am I going to stay out all day and not get cold? What if I am not fit enough? What if I haven’t climbed in a while […]

Chicks Gear Review: Grabber Handwarmers

Written by: Kitty Calhoun I have used Grabber hand warmers ever since I can remember for winter ice climbing, skiing, and alpine climbing. I have become so dependent on them, that they have become as much a part of my kit as drinks and snacks. I generally use the hand warmers in the palms of […]

Chicks Gear Review: Patagonia Baselayers

Written by: Kitty Calhoun What to wear? Nowadays, there are so many choices for technical clothing, it is hard to decide.  Patagonia has recently introduced new fit, features and fabrics for the Baselayer Collection.  This Patagonia baselayer collection consists of a line of Thermal, Midweight, Lightweight, and Daily Wear in both Capilene and Merino. Feeling […]

Chicks Gear Review: Magic Cool Bandana

Written by: Kitty Calhoun Body temperature regulation affects our performance both mentally – by allowing us to focus, as well as physiologically. I have always used Kobayashi Consumer Products, Grabber and Hothands warmers, to keep my hands, feet, and body warm in winter and found them to be very effective. I have used them for […]