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Chicks Gear Review: Osprey Kresta Ski Pack

Autumn is here. The days are getting short, and a chill is in the air when you step outdoors in the mornings.  The mountaintops sport a dusting of snow.  At Chicks, this is when we start to dream of winter.  And not only are we dreaming, we are in fact getting prepared and ready, anticipating […]

Chicks Alumna Interview: Rebecca Samet

We recently caught up with Rebecca Samet, an MD and mother of three.  She lives in Pismo Beach, CA and works in the Fresno Hospital ER.  She didn’t just get hooked on climbing, but got her kids into as well.  Her daughter Sarah has been to a number of Chicks clinics, and we are always […]

Tired, Hungry, Happy: Alpine Chicks

Teton Alpine Camp – Trip Report Our first flock of mountain climbers has returned to the valley after our inaugural Chicks alpine clinic, and when everyone got together for a celebration dinner, they all showed the true signs of alpine climbing:  Tired, hungry, and happy faces.  Nowhere else does success come as hard earned as […]

Chicks Gear Review: Sterling Evolution Velocity

  In the fall of 2014, when Kitty Calhoun and I made our gear list for climbing Tangerine Trip, a big-wall aid route on El Cap in Yosemite, it was I who said “I got the lead rope”.  I had been climbing with my 9.8mm Evolution Velocity for a summer and it had proven itself with strength, […]

We Are Officially City Chicks

Written by: Chicks co-owner and guide, Karen Bockel We are back from the City of Rocks!  The Chicks clinic was a smashing success with lots of good climbing, beautiful camping in the aspen groves, good food made on the camp stoves, and most importantly a great group of women.  From 14 to 60 years young, […]

Chicks Gear Review: ASOLO Jumla

  Climbing the Grand Teton is, in its true sense, a grand adventure.  The valley floor lies 7,000’ below its lofty summit of 13,776’.  A long, rocky trail winds its way steeply up the North Fork of Garnett Canyon before disappearing into a field of granite boulders. Above sit the sheer rock walls, guarding the […]

Chicks Gear Review: Skhoop Skirts Rock!

Let me introduce my favorite piece of clothing: the Skhoop Down Skirt. It’s the original insulated skirt, brought to you fromSkhoop’s home of Sweden, but well-established in the US now, via Anchorage, AK.  These skirts are fun, smart cold-climate wear for active women.  Oh, you think it’s not technical wear?  Stand corrected, this piece accompanies […]

Chicks Gear Review: Marmot ROM Jacket

Written by: Karen Bockel Wow! I have a day off, and while I am sitting on my couch, I mean in my office, catching up on computer work I noticed that today was the first day that I haven’t worn my ROM Marmot Jacket.  I got my official Chicks Marmot jacket on the first day of […]

How to Stay Warm on a Cold Winter Adventure

Written by: Karen Bockel Brrr! Over the New Year, we had many cold, cold days in Colorado and Wyoming.  A strong inversion kept the valley in cold fog with temperatures below -10F.  Even with the sun on your face, the bitter cold air had a bite on any skin exposed, and it was hard to […]