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Eyes of a Child

When I am out in the mountains climbing with my Chicks, my friends or my colleagues, I often think about how lucky I am to get to go to places like these, to call the mountains home. What stirs these thoughts are often just the tiny glimpses of what makes this world so special, so […]

Sterling Quest 9.6mm Rope | Gear We Use

  Have you heard about the Sterling Quest 9.6 millimeter rope? The Quest is perfect if you’ve been hemming and hawing about what kind of rope to get. It might just be the one-quiver, single, dynamic rope that you’ve been looking for.  When purchasing a rope it’s always been hard to decide between a rope […]

Wild Risk

Sometimes I like to live wild and dangerously . . . Hello from Chamonix, France, the alpine-climbing capitol of the world. Since early March, I’ve been confined the French way but it hasn’t been all baguettes and cheese. Regulations here were very strict. We were locked down for two months. Everyone kept to his or […]

Mammut Athlete Caro North

“Do what you can’t. Be what you can.” Mammut’s motto is no small order, but Mammut takes it to heart. So does my good friend Caro North. Caro, who is from Switizerland, is a Mammut Athlete and Mountain Guide. Having been on expeditions to all the corners of the world: from the North Faces of […]

GU Roctane Electrolyte Capsules – Little caps of gold

. Despite the fact that being confined has changed my outdoor life and my energy output and intake, I’ve found I still need GU Roctane Electrolyte Capsules. Normally, this time of year, I spend long days in the mountains. As I traverse from ski hut to ski hut, I’m out for hours and hours at […]

Slackline – Build a Homemade Garden Slackline

How to Build Something from Almost Nothing… Currently, you can’t go to the gym. There’s no outdoor climbing. How can you work on your balance? Add a homemade, garden slackline to your home training/entertainment regime! Luckily, using less-than-perfect materials for a slackline is ok––just keep it close to the ground. If anything fails, the consequences […]

Confined to Dream – Isolation in Chamonix, France

Hello Friends, I’ve been in Chamonix, France since the beginning of March and strictly confined for a week now. Strict confinement means no excursions beyond the grocery store and the occasional neighborhood sport walk. No mountain activity is allowed: no skiing, no climbing, no trail running, no biking. These are tough rules but ones I support […]

Grabber Toe Warmers – Gear We Use

  It’s early winter and my body hasn’t adjusted to the cold yet. I have to convince myself to get out and do things like ice climbing when my body still remembers warm, sunny rock. So, I grumble and pack lots of layers. But, layers won’t suffice for my feet! I always struggle to keep […]

Bring It! – Ski Season

It’s November and the ski season is chasing us down in big steps— The high mountains glow with their white slopes. I’ve had to scrape my windshield a couple times. And I drove through a snowstorm coming back from my last climbing trip in the desert Southwest. Some ski areas have announced early openings. Bring […]

Osprey Mutant 52 Climbing Pack | Gear We Use

My Osprey Mutant 52 saved me from a kind of panic a few weeks ago when I was getting ready for an overnight trip to the Gore Range in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. The Gore Range is remote! I needed a pack that could carry overnight gear (tent, sleeping bag, stove) and some climbing gear (harness, […]