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Chick Beta: Quad Anchor

The Quad Anchor is a versatile method to equalize any anchor, but in this tech tip, we will focus on how to apply in a 2 point anchor scenario. You will most commonly use this when you have a 2 bolt anchor and the advantages to using a Quad Anchor are many: It’s redundant Self […]

Chicks Gear Review: Petzl Dartwin

If you’re looking for a great all around crampon to tackle the ice, snow and rock then look no further than the Petzl Dartwin. The Dartwin is ideal for vertical and steep waterfall ice climbing. You’ll find that it’s an excellent choice for kicking around the Ouray Ice Park as well as backcountry ice climbing […]

Tech Tip: Keep Calm & Carry On – Breathing

That saying appears everywhere and while it is super cliché there is something to be learned from this. There are so many seemingly uncontrollable factors at play when you’re climbing. There is one thing that you can control that has a profound effect on your physical and mental status, your breathing. Breathing is an autonomic […]

Chicks Gear Review: Petzl Elia Helmet

Perhaps one of the most important gear buying decisions you can make is the climbing helmet. When it comes to choosing a helmet, there are a many options available, but really there are only two types of helmets: light weight foam (like your bike helmet) and hardshell options. Since I’m pretty tough on my gear, I prefer […]

Float Like a Butterfly: Focus on Your Footwork

  Written by: Elaina Arenz I’m going to let you in on a little secret of mine. I often hear people comment that it appears as if I’m floating up the rock effortlessly. I sure to have them fooled. The key to conserving energy and appearing like you’re levitating on the rock is to build […]

Chicks Gear Review: Sterling Hollowblock

Written by: Elaina Arenz, Chicks co-owner & guide As a full time Certified Rock Guide there are a few pieces of gear on my harness that I can’t imagine living without. At the top of the list is the Sterling Hollowblock, it’s like the swiss army knife, the one tool that does it all. What […]

Is a Wet Rope Dangerous?

The simple answer is yes, a wet rope should cause you more concern than a dry rope. There are a couple of reasons why you want to keep your rope as dry as possible while climbing. The performance of some materials (like the nylon that ropes are made from) change when they become wet. Read […]