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What it takes to be an IFMGA Mountain Guide

Meet IFMGA Mountain Guide & Chicks Co-Owner Angela Hawse Outside Magazine recently interviewed Angela Hawse about her path towards becoming the sixth American Woman to become a IFMGA Certified Mountain Guide. This is a huge accomplishment and it doesn’t come easily. Aspirants spend years honing their skills in the mountains and must past a series of grueling courses […]

What is the Climbers Pact?

              As climbers, we have a personal stake in the health of our outdoor landscapes—without them, we have no place to climb. But as our sport continues to grow in popularity, we are loving our climbing areas to death. Join Chicks and The Access Fund in making a few […]

Learning to Trust

What fundamental traits make for a successful rock climber? Many veterans of the sport would say leadership, adaptability, strength, confidence, patience, and composure, to name a few. None of which are traits that I would consider to be strengths of my own. I, on the other hand, am cautious and introverted. I meticulously analyze every […]

Lock Off Strength

I’d like to address a common issue women often face: Lock off strength. Typically, not always, women initially rely on solid technique and great foot work to climb and they climb well. But so often I hear “Carolyn, I need to be stronger.” “Steep climbing is so hard for me.” There are times where just going […]

How to Build your Multi-Pitch Climbing Kit

Are you asking yourself, what in the world is multi-pitch climbing? The answer is pretty simple but the process of multi-pitch climbing can seem daunting at first. Let’s start our with the basics. First of all, a single pitch climb is a route that you can climb without any intermediate belays. That is to say that […]

The Importance of Rest and Recovery

Rest and Recovery is the secret to improving your climbing performance: Training Tip #22 I hope you’ve all been having a blast training hard and pulling down. Now it’s time to talk about rest and recovery. We all want to climb harder, run faster, feel stronger and better at everything we do athletically. The number one […]

Sport Climbing Strength Training

Chicks Training Tip #21 Advance Rock Climbing Training Part II: Sport Climbing Strength Training It’s here already gals the next newsletter and training tip. Hopefully you were able to practice most if not all of the movements I recommended in Part I of Advanced Rock Climbing Training featured in last months newsletter. Now we need to discuss […]

Chicks partners with REI Outessa

REI Announces 2017 Outessa Retreats Designed To Connect Women with the Outdoors Through Experiences, Inspiration and Adventures REI, the outdoor co-op and national specialty retailer, announced its 2017 REI Outessa retreats with three immersive, three-day outdoor adventures designed to connect women with the outdoors in a supportive learning environment. Two of Chicks co-owners, Kitty Calhoun […]