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You Can Do All Of The Things!

“You can do ALL of the things. You can do ALL of the things.” Fresh out of our Rifle, CO clinic, I repeat, “You can do all of the things!” At Rifle, a group of rad women learned new skills and discovered strengths (and muscles) they never knew existed. “You can do all of the […]

Osprey Ultralight Dry Sack | Gear We Use | Rock Climbing

I just discovered that my guy “borrowed” my Osprey Ultralight Dry Sacks for his expedition to Pakistan! Now, not only have I lost my summer cragging partner, I’ve lost my trusty, adventure ditty bags! Osprey Ultralight Dry Sacks (I call them ditty bags) have a roll down closure and a snap buckle so you can […]

Alpine Butterfly Knot

The Alpine Butterfly Knot is primarily used to create an attachment point to the middle of a climbing rope in alpine or glaciated terrain. However, for rock climbing the alpine butterfly knot is also great for isolating a bad section of rope and using the rope for the anchor. The reason why an Alpine Butterfly […]

Mentors | The Climbing Fast Track

Which is more important, what, how or why? I was lucky to have a mentor when I started climbing. His name was Seiji (Say-Gee) and he was a co-worker when I was in college. Seiji took pity on me for not having a life. I worked, I went to school and I partied. Work, study, […]

Fun | Or, “It Doesn’t Have to be Fun to be Fun.”

“It doesn’t have to be fun to be fun.” —Mark Twight, alpinist extraordinaire When it comes to alpine climbing and mountaineering-style climbing objectives, one of the things you’ll learn about yourself is how much you can endure. Tough conditions like post-holing to your waist, sleep deprivation (check out Kitty’s Unplanned Bivouac story), heavy packs, and […]

Save Room on Your Gear Loops

Save room on your gear loops with the waterfall method. If you like to rack up on your harness like me, you’ll find that you quickly run out of gear-loop space if you’re carrying multiple sets. The waterfall racking method saves a ton of room and helps you keep organized. First, clip a cam to your gear loop as usual. […]