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We Have What You Need

Earlier this season, after our Indian Creek clinic, we at Chicks took on the mantra “We can do hard things.” Later as the summer was in full swing, Chicks reminded us all ” that it was time to make Lemonade.” After a few months of this newfound power, I can see that a positive, focused […]

Smarter not Harder

Smarter Not Harder I am a cragger at heart. Yes, it is true. I truly enjoy single-pitch climbing. I love to push myself on trad gear in places like Indian Creek. If I am clipping bolts, I take on the mantra, “if I’m not flying, I’m not trying.” This attitude of trying hard and pushing […]

An Ode to Ultralight Cams: Best Diet Ever

Dear Black Diamond,   When I was a teenager growing up in Ohio, I thought I was fat. I wasn’t, but thanks to social pressures and teen angst, I tsure thought so. I tried every fad diet that I found to lose weight. I used every ounce of willpower I had for dieting before the […]

Safety Memo: Keep It Tight!

We care about you. Please keep it tight! It’s easy to feel over-eager on your first few rock-climbing outings of the season. Stoke could obscure the fact that you are rusty. Over the winter, your skills and finger strength may have faded. Here are five reminders for a safe and excellent rock-climbing season: Perform a […]

You Can Do Hard Things

It’s good to be home after a whirlwind of Chicks rock climbing clinics. Vegas, Bishop, Joshua Tree, Indian Creek. Early in the month, Elaina and I teamed up with Mountain Gear to present clinics at the Red Rock Rendezvous. Over four days, 1000 climbers took part. We are always honored to participate in this amazing […]

Belay Gloves: From Fashion Faux Pas to Fashion Forward

Be smart, be hip, be cool! Protect your hands by wearing belay gloves I started climbing in the Black Hills of South Dakota in 1996. Back then, “the Hills” were not particularly known as fashion forward. However, we had our standards. For example, if you wore belay gloves, you got the suspicious side-eye. Work gloves […]

Spring is in the Air and I’m Dreaming of Winter

March is my favourite month. It’s still winter. The skiing and ice climbing are at their best. My desire to get out and play is childlike and wild. Yet, I feel winter slipping away. The stronger sun is trying to help spring arrive. Ice climbing season is ending in front of my eyes. As the […]

A Love Letter to Grabber Warmer’s Zim’s Max Freeze

Muscle love It may come as a shock to many, but as a guide, I get very little time to climb. Yes, I’m outside all day. BUT most of my time is spent standing and belaying so that my guests get maximum climbing time. This schedule means that when it’s MY TIME to climb or […]

Hey! I Didn’t Die.

Many women who take Chicks Climbing and Skiing clinics are not athletic—I mean, they did not grow up being active. Women in their fifties and early sixties (we’ve even had seventy-year-olds) come who’ve had no sports opportunities in their entire lives. Chicks is their first athletic experience, ever. When I’m teaching a clinic, I’ll often […]

Quick Weight Loss Program

The New Year typically comes with resolutions to hit the gym and start a diet. Resolutions are empty plans including goals of losing weight. I am here today to help. I am going to give you tips to shed ounces and maybe even pounds. My approach will help you shed weight quickly and easily. This […]