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A Farewell from Head Chick, Kim Reynolds

Dear Friends, After 16 years holding the vision of Chicks Climbing: Chicks with Picks and Chicks Rock!, I am moving on and passing the torch. It is a rewarding journey to create a climbing program that is unique, that gives back and inspires women to be more than they can imagine. This mission is simple […]

Getting Pumped for Elevation Weekend

It’s hard to believe, but there once was a time when you didn’t have to queue up for a route at the crag, or get up at 3a.m. – not to beat the weather, but to beat the other party to the climb.  I recently heard that Discovery Channel was going to kickoff their Elevation […]

Crack Climbing Tip: Use Your Thumbs

As we near desert season, we asked Kitty Calhoun to give us a bit of beta on an important, but rarely focused on, crack climbing technique.  It’s not just for hitchhiking and texting anymore, Kitty has us considering the thumb as we’re sending splitters at Indian Creek. Your thumb is the most important digit you’ve got.  […]

Sending Indian Creek with Chicks Climbing

Tobie “McSends” attended the first Indian Creek clinic in 2012.  With the desert season only a few short months away, we took a few minutes to catch up with Tobie and learn why the Indian Creek clinic is still one of her favorite experiences.  She entitled this post “Indian Creak” as she feels she is […]

The Lowdown on Crampon Configuration

Girly Guide, Kitty Calhoun, gets the goods on crampon configuration (including BD’s new Snaggletooth) from her gear techy friends. The choices between crampon configurations are: duo-point vs. mono-point and horizontal points vs. vertical points. I wondered if  one crampon worked better for mixed, if one crampon was better for longer routes, if one was better for brittle ice […]

Eddie Bauer Scholarship Winner – Sophia Navarre

Chicks received several amazing applications for the 2015 Eddie Bauer Chicks with Picks Quickie Scholarship.  After many hours of deliberation the judges from Eddie Bauer and Chicks Climbing picked Sophia Navarre as the winner.  Sophia is a kind-hearted, passionate, budding climber who is excited to absorb everything offered in the Chicks with Picks program.  To […]

The Adventures of Chicks in Cody, WY

Written by: Kitty Calhoun In all my years (16), of Chicks ice clinics, this Cody Graduate Chicks Clinic was without a doubt the most adventurous.  This clinic was Dawn Glanc’s idea and something about it appealed to chicks immediately.   I don’t know if it was the promise of good food by a fire, private cabins, […]

The Trip by Kitty Calhoun

Girly Guide, Kitty Calhoun, gives us a taste of her latest adventure on El Cap.  She reminds us that while our lives have many moving parts, you can never stop learning from climbing and applying those lessons to everyday life.  To read the full blog post, check out Patagonia’s Cleanest Line Blog. Written by: Kitty Calhoun […]

Dust Off Your Crampons! Tips to Prepare Your Ice Gear

The temperatures are dropping and ice is forming, it’s time for you to take stock of your inventory and prepare all your gear for the season of screws, picks, and pillars.  You’ll be surprised at how being proactive will ensure you have a bomber start to the season.  Girly Guide, Dawn Glanc, helps walk us […]

Use Your Power Center (a.k.a The Butt Story)

We recently posted this Kitty Calhoun quote on Facebook, “Your butt is your power center….use it!” We received such a great response that we asked Kitty to elaborate in a blog post giving all of us the opportunity to think about our tush in a new, positive way.  So, let’s listen to Kitty and Sir Mix-A-Lot and […]