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Chicks Training: Long Alpine Days

Do you have your sights set on an alpine trip? Would you like to go to Mt Baker, take a trip to the Alps or do something in South America? Alpine climbing is a mix of rock climbing, ice climbing, and endurance—12hr days, 20hr days, multiple 12hr days AND it always means carrying a pack! […]

Hangboard Workouts

A KEY part of rock climbing is finger strength. Fingerboards, also known as hangboards, are both inexpensive and a great way to develop finger strength. Hangboards are particularly efficient if you are too busy to get to the climbing gym. The first rule of training on a hangboard is to err on the side of […]

Rock Climbing Training Program-Advanced

Advanced Rock Climbing Training Program First read 8-Week Basic Rock Climbing Program Part 1 and Part 2. Then, when you finish the 8-Week Basic Rock Climbing Program (nice work btw!), try the Advanced Rock Climbing Training Program, which builds on the Basic Training program with 1) back-to-back climbing days 2) and bouldering. Schedule: Monday – Yoga […]

Chicks Training: More Tips for Bombproof Shoulders

Whatever your goals, shoulder stability is paramount. I cannot stress the benefit of shoulder strength and stability enough. I’ve emphasized this in the past in Training Tip: Solid Shoulders. For newcomers to Chicks Training Tips, it’s worth looking back through ALL my past posts to get a fuller picture of the progression of my training […]

Advanced Workout for Ski Training

Winter is officially here December 21st!  The pacific northwest and the Alps have been hogging all the snow and honestly, I’m a little jealous here in Colorado where it’s dry and sunny…although that hasn’t hurt my extended rock climbing season. But enough of that – the snow will fly, it always does, and when it […]

How to Build Strength For Those Ski Legs

Here in northern Colorado the leaves are changing and snow is beginning to blanket the high country. Winter will be upon us in no time, which means…Ski season is upon us! If you are new to the Chicks Training Tips take a few minutes to read the previous newsletters, there’s a lot of great information in […]

Lock Off – Strength Training for Climbing

What is a Lock Off? A lock off is a static climbing move.  A static move means there is no jumping or dynamic movement involved. You start off by grabbing a handhold with one hand. Then pull that hold down as far as necessary to reach the next hold with your free hand. Generally the […]