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Training Corner: Expectations

We’re in the height of climbing season and hopefully you’re all getting out and having fun! Whether you’ve set goals for alpine climbing trips, multi-pitch routes, just generally climbing harder, or learning this awesome sport of climbing for the first time, what I find consistent with all the athletes I coach is not having realistic […]

Training Corner: Alpine Strength

Training Corner: Alpine Strength by Carolyn Parker If you are new to the Chicks Training Tips take a few minutes to read the previous newsletters, there’s a lot of great information in there! We are in the thick of alpine climbing season in the US, Europe, and parts of South America. If you have a […]

Chicks Training: Long Alpine Days

Do you have your sights set on an alpine trip? Would you like to go to Mt Baker, take a trip to the Alps or do something in South America? Alpine climbing is a mix of rock climbing, ice climbing, and endurance—12hr days, 20hr days, multiple 12hr days AND it always means carrying a pack! […]

Hangboard Workouts

A KEY part of rock climbing is finger strength. Fingerboards, also known as hangboards, are both inexpensive and a great way to develop finger strength. Hangboards are particularly efficient if you are too busy to get to the climbing gym. The first rule of training on a hangboard is to err on the side of […]

Rock Climbing Training Program-Advanced

Advanced Rock Climbing Training Program First read 8-Week Basic Rock Climbing Program Part 1 and Part 2. Then, when you finish the 8-Week Basic Rock Climbing Program (nice work btw!), try the Advanced Rock Climbing Training Program, which builds on the Basic Training program with 1) back-to-back climbing days 2) and bouldering. Schedule: Monday – Yoga […]

Chicks Training: More Tips for Bombproof Shoulders

Whatever your goals, shoulder stability is paramount. I cannot stress the benefit of shoulder strength and stability enough. I’ve emphasized this in the past in Training Tip: Solid Shoulders. For newcomers to Chicks Training Tips, it’s worth looking back through ALL my past posts to get a fuller picture of the progression of my training […]

Advanced Workout for Ski Training

Winter is officially here December 21st!  The pacific northwest and the Alps have been hogging all the snow and honestly, I’m a little jealous here in Colorado where it’s dry and sunny…although that hasn’t hurt my extended rock climbing season. But enough of that – the snow will fly, it always does, and when it […]