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Isolation Workouts – Exercise At Home

Isolation Workouts  Across our nation and across the globe we’re all being impacted by the rapid spread of the coronavirus. Many are under “shelter at home” restrictions, juggling life with kids at home too. Many are far worse off. Some will not get sick, some will. I send my best to all of those who […]

Lock-Off Training for Mixed Climbing

Winter is ice and mixed climbing season in Colorado. If you haven’t tried it, mixed climbing is a blast! Tools that you’d normally apply by swinging and kicking into ice are now placed carefully onto rock. Then you balance on front points and move around your placement in an entirely new way. Mixed climbing requires […]

Training Partners

Hey Chicks, Today we’re going to chat about the benefit of training partners. Training partners can be your ticket to motivation and success, not to mention safety. We spend so much effort self-motivating. Sometimes it helps to know someone is ready to meet you. Just past the shortest day of the year in the Northern […]

Strength Training For Backcountry Skiing

Hey Skiing Chicks! I hope you enjoyed last month’s training tip: Uphill Training for Backcountry Skiing workout because now it’s time to add in strength for the downhill skiing part. After a month of building uphill stamina in your legs and lungs, we need to build a reserve of strength and power for the downhill. All […]

When Rest Is Best

It’s August and rock climbing season is in full swing. It’s a good time for a mid-season check in. I always check in with my athletes before we start training. I check in to make sure they aren’t working around pain or discomfort. Recently a young, strong athlete came into my gym for her training […]

Alpine Climbing Fitness – Training For Alpine Climbing

Alpine climbing fitness will help you expand your alpine climbing knowledge and journey further into the backcountry. Alpine climbing asks many things of climbers, not least of which is fitness. Fitness for alpine climbing involves three factors: A good aerobic base An ability to tolerate the load of a heavier-than-usual pack A body that is […]

Pull-Ups For Beginners

Pull-Ups For Beginners is a training program for anyone who has ever wanted to do a pull-up. Why are pull-ups so hard? Over the years, I’ve trained many women (some over 60!) to do their first pull-up ever and let me tell you, every first is as thrilling as the last. It’s truly empowering to […]