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Pull-Ups For Beginners

Pull-Ups For Beginners is a training program for anyone who has ever wanted to do a pull-up. Why are pull-ups so hard? Over the years, I’ve trained many women (some over 60!) to do their first pull-up ever and let me tell you, every first is as thrilling as the last. It’s truly empowering to […]

Training for Mountaineering | Back to Basics

When training for mountaineering (backcountry skiing, climbing: gym climbing, rock climbing, ice climbing, alpine climbing), the most important lesson I’ve learned over the years is to always go back to the basics. Although I played many sports when I was young, it was not until I was 18 that I started to train in a structured […]

Get More Specific Strength for Ice Climbing

Training for Ice Climbing? Time to dial it up! Icing on the Climbing Cake–more specific strength for ice climbing. Ice climbing is a different beast. Solid general fitness and specific strength is key to success. If you’ve been following the Chicks Training tips recently you know about the last two ice-climbing-specific workouts. Swing! Training for Ice […]

Train Muscular Endurance for Ice Climbing

Train muscular endurance for ice climbing this season! Ice climbing is different. There are no crimpers or slopers. You always have a jug to hold onto—your tools! But swinging a tool overhead, holding on while placing or removing protection, longer pitches, the weight of winter gear (boots, crampons and multiple layers of clothing) and often […]

Ski Legs

Training for Skiing Three Workouts for Ski Leg Prep Hey you! Stop dreaming of winter. Start transitioning your legs to ski-mode now! Warm-Up for Ski Legs Training Do 10:00 minutes of light aerobic exercise. Then: 2 x 8 Shoulder openers 2 x 5 Cuban press 3 x 5 Wall squat  2 x 5 Squat jump Ski […]

Swing! Training for Ice Climbing

All outcome-based training must be laid on a solid foundation. So let’s check in first. Ask yourself: 1) Do I have a well-developed cardio vascular system, good resting heart rate, rapid heart rate recovery? Do I have a regular aerobic fitness program, 4 – 5 days a week 30 – 90+ minutes? 2) Have I […]