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 Natural American

Congratulations!  Karen Bockel, co-owner Chicks Climbing and Skiing, US citizen! Close friend and AMGA rock guide, Yoshiko Miyazaki-Back, was at the ceremony. Yoshi reflects on Karen’s accomplishment: Having witnessed first hand my husband going through the same process, I was reminded of the time and the emotional and financial commitment it takes. There are reams of paperwork, mandatory interviews. You must provide […]

Rules for Rope Care and Longevity

Rocktober is upon us. No doubt our ropes have gotten use and withstood abuse with spring, summer and early autumn climbs. Soon we’ll be monitoring backcountry drips for ice and our rope will get a bit of a rest while we sharpen our tools in anticipation of winter. Take stock of this time to inspect, […]

Scarpa Geckos | #No Place Too Far

Dear Scarpa Geckos, Over the past three decades, I’ve worn through many an approach shoe relationship. None come close to making me as happy as you. You are my fun-times go-to. Your fine edge complements my rough edges. I look so good with you on my feet. Whenever I feel insecure, you help me get […]

Ski Mountaineering is “The Goods!”

  There’s an illicit and secret connotation in the expression, “The Goods.” It’s as if anything that is really good must somehow be too good to be true, in other words, wrong. Winter has finally arrived and my backyard, Colorado’s San Juan Mountains, is ripe for getting “The Goods.” There’s nothing better, nothing more complete, […]

Grivel Machine Ice Climbing Tools – Gear We Use | Chicks Climbing

In 1818, the Grivel family of Blacksmiths began to create technical tools for alpinism. Grivel’s  “technical” climbing tools evolved from agricultural tools like pick axes. Despite widespread skepticism, these innovations established Grivel as the leader. Grivel continues to equip alpinists for ever more challenging routes in the Alps—and, throughout the world. For 200 years, Grivel stayed […]

Can You dig?

Chicks Climbing and Skiing Joins Force with the Silverton Avalanche School Avalanche Rescue Course trip report by Angela Hawse, co-owner Chicks Climbing and Skiing, IFMGA Mountain Guide Hello Chicks! I could not be more stoked about this new partnership between Chicks Climbing and Skiing and the Silverton Avalanche School. In December, Sandy Kobrock and I […]

Skiing the Andes

It’s early September and I’m heading to Chile in South America to ski the Andes, direct from rock climbing in New Hampshire and I couldn’t be more stoked.  I arrive a few hours after my guests, who are waiting at our lodge at the head of the Maipo Valley for 6 days of big mountain […]