Are you ready to break into a new level of climbing?

Erin at Chicks Rock! Fall, 2010

In just over a month we will host our first rock climbing clinic of the year! Wow, is time going by fast! Our first Chicks Rock! event of 2011 will be March 31-April 3 in Red Rocks, with an optional multi-pitch day April 4. Are you thinking about taking a rock climbing clinic this year? Below we’ve posted testimony from one of our Chicks Rock! participants from the spring clinic last year, Francisca (Maria), who came out for her second Chicks Rock! event, after having a great first-time experience at Devil’s Lake. See what she says about the experience, and how it helped her break through a plateau and into a whole new level of climbing!

How many other Chicks Climbing clinics have you attended?
I attended Devil’s Lake last year.

What did you learn about rock climbing at the Chicks Rock! Red Rocks spring clinic?
I very much dislike crack climbing and I learned tons about crack climbing.  Dawn taught us a lot of technique, hand position, feet position, how to get your hands jammed in a crack, along with your feet.  How to trust your feet and commit to a move.

What did you learn about yourself at the Chicks clinic?
I learned that I can do event what I think I cannot do.  I can go the extra mile even when I’m tired. I learned that I am very lucky to with my life, that I have all I need and if I complaint is because I am spoiled. I learned that women are so very strong, powerful and we can do anything we set our minds into.

Did you have fun at the Chicks clinic? What was the best/worst part?
I loved all of it. I loved the guides, they are a great source of knowledge, inspiration, and they have a great sense of humor. I loved learning so much and improving my climbing. Finally to me was a very empowering experience. I came out as a new person with a very high self steam which is great

The worse part, which is not a Chicks Rock! problem, was the camping accommodations.  Next time I am staying at a hotel if I go to Red Rocks, here in WI, I would camp again!

Have you been able to use what you learned upon your return home?
Ohhh yes!  I learned a ton and I became a better climber all around.  I wanted to break into the next climbing level because I was feeling stuck in a plateau, I had been climbing 5.9 for a while but was not breaking into the 5.10 in a solid way and after the clinic I feel like I did break into the next level, a beautiful thing!

Did your Chicks experience inspire you to make a change in your life in any way?
Yes.  I think the main thing I have gained from going is realizing how powerful I can be, which increases your self esteem, and in turn changes your life. Also, I feel lucky to have all I have, I guess it makes you think about your life and when I have done that I see I have everything!  How amazing is that?

Would you recommend a Chicks clinic to a friend?
Absolutely, I have and will continue to do so!