The Adventures of Chicks in Cody, WY

Graduate2014ViewWritten by: Kitty Calhoun

2014ChicksCrossingRiverIn all my years (16), of Chicks ice clinics, this Cody Graduate Chicks Clinic was without a doubt the most adventurous.  This clinic was Dawn Glanc’s idea and something about it appealed to chicks immediately.   I don’t know if it was the promise of good food by a fire, private cabins, solitude, the 2:1 chick/guide ratio, or numerous multi-pitch climbs for all levels of climbers – but before we knew it, we had at least 9 chicks and 5 guides signed up.  This was going to be as large a graduate clinic as we have ever had.

Challenges presented themselves right away.  Two chicks had to cancel due to injuries (we missed you); another chick missed the first two days due to a family emergency.  On top of that, the weather had been warm and we had to look far and wide for routes that would accommodate all our teams.  The prize for “going the distance” goes to Rebecca, Sarah, and Karen for hiking six miles to reach their climb on day three and then hiking back six miles afterward.  Another consequence of unusually warm weather was the fact that the river crossing, which is part of the approach to many routes, was not frozen.  We had been counseled to double up some trash bags and pull them up over our boots and pants.  I bought “extra-heavy duty trash bags at Walmart and away Graduate2014Clinicwe went.  Too bad the bags ripped before Sandy, Lucy and I got across the river and our boots got wet.  We get the “guinea pig” award.  The rest of the women stripped and crossed.   Jess stripped and nearly fell in the river, got her boots wet and still went climbing.  She gets the “baddest ass” award.  That night, Ashley asked us all what we learned during the clinic.  She gets the “unquenchable curiosity” award.

What amazed me is that through it all there was so much laughter and I bet there will be more over the years as these stories grow.   Do you aspire to adventure?  The first step is to sign up for one of our January chicks clinics.  See you there.  Kitty