A Love Letter to Grabber Warmer’s Zim’s Max Freeze

Zim's Max Freeze

Zim’s Max Freeze

Muscle love

It may come as a shock to many, but as a guide, I get very little time to climb.

Yes, I’m outside all day. BUT most of my time is spent standing and belaying so that my guests get maximum climbing time.

This schedule means that when it’s MY TIME to climb or train, I go overboard.

During the busy season, I’m not quite a weekend warrior as I only get one or two days off a month; I’m more of a month-end or once-a-month warrior. As a result, I take on an amplified warrior mentality and pursue objectives that I should have trained for, but did not.

Straight off the belaying-and-standing-around-all-month couch I find the pump sets in and stays for longer periods of time. Then, over-activity on the back of under-activity lingers as desperate muscle soreness.

This is where Zim’s Max Freeze comes in. I’ve been using this topical muscle cream from Grabber as a go-to to support MY CLIMBING TIME this winter.

Thinking about it, Grabber is a particularly intimate partner. All day, Grabber Warmers cosy up in my pockets and keep me warm. All night, Zim’s roll-on soothes my aches and pains and helps prevent muscle cramps after long, hard days.

From freeze to thaw, from night to day, Grabber is there.

Thank you Grabber! For years and years, you’ve helped thousands of women get into ice climbing and over their FOC (Fear of Cold).

Now, when Chicks work really hard on the ice and rock and snow, then suffer from TMF (Too Much Fun), you freeze our muscle pains away. You’re the best!

Big hugs from all of us at Chicks.